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Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at CBD American Shaman

There are literally thousands of hemp-derived products on the market. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to not only find the right product for your needs but also one that is high quality. That is why CBD American Shaman is proud to offer a wide variety of products for every individual.

When shopping at your friendly local CBD American Shaman in Houston, you can expect to find many different kinds of products. For those who prefer a sweeter palate, we have you covered! Take a look at just a few of the options we have available.

Blackberry HHC Gummies

What is better than HHC gummies? Blackberry flavored HHC gummies, of course! Get your blackberry fix with Blackberry HHC gummies from Zen Master.

Each bottle contains 10 12.5mg gummies. The suggested serving size for this product is one gummy per serving. Blackberry not your flavor of choice? We also carry blue raspberry, watermelon, tropical fruit, and a variety pack.

CBGO Water Soluble Drops

If tinctures are your product of choice, then you will want to make sure you have CBGo Water Soluble Drops from CBD American Shaman. With 600mg per bottle, this tincture is a breeze to add to any drink or take using the sublingual method. It’s easy to harness the power of CBG with CBD American Shaman’s CBGo Water Soluble Drops!

CBN Gummies for Sleep

When it comes to CBN gummies, no one does it better than CBD American Shaman. Our CBNight gummies are made with you in mind. That means these gummies are made with high quality CBN extract and undergo rigorous quality control testing before hitting store shelves.

Each gummy contains 2mg of CBN to help you harness the power of CBN’s sleep-promoting properties. And with flavors like blackberry, tropical fruit, peach, and green apple, getting a good night’s sleep has never been sweeter!

Visit Your Friendly Local CBD American Shaman Store

All of these products and more can be found at CBD American Shaman in Houston. As a leader in the hemp community, we take pride in providing our guests high quality hemp products that make both them and their wallets happy.

When you shop at CBD American Shaman, you receive the benefit of having your questions answered and concerns addressed by our knowledgeable staff members. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers get the right products for their needs while shopping with confidence.

To top it off, when you shop in-store, you can even pick up a free sample product to try! One thing is for certain, when you shop at your local CBD American Shaman in Houston, you are sure to walk away happy. From topicals, to tinctures, to edibles, and more, CBD American Shaman is your one-stop shop for all things hemp.